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“Mick has been working with GB for several years now and the results speak for themselves. Whether it be arm care, mechanics, velocity development, pitch sequencing...I don’t think there is a better guy than Kevin Gunderson in the Northwest. Kevin teaches advanced concepts on a level that kids can comprehend and repeat when they leave his facility. ”

                                              — Neil Abel (Mick, 2020 MLB Draft 15th pick)

"Kevin has been a wonderful coach and mentor to my son Alex Giroux. Alex started working with Kevin when we moved to Portland when he was 11 years old (now 17) and helped foster his love and dedication to pitching. We credit Kevin’s techniques, coaching and his style of teaching as a primary factor in Alex’s success. I am confident that Alex will be working with Kevin for many years to come and certainly throughout the rest of his high school and college baseball career. Kevin is truly the best in the Northwest and it is a pleasure to watch the GB boys excel in youth baseball, high school, D1 and beyond. ”

                                            — Dave Giroux (Alex, University of Washington Commit)

My son, Micky Thompson, started lessons with Kevin last November. It was the best decision we could have made and one that we should have made several years ago. Kevin has been amazing in helping Micky change some of his mechanics as well as helping him in adjusting specific pitches. He is fantastic at seeing what adjustments need to be made and showing the kids how to make them. Further, he is a wealth of knowledge for young men trying to get to the next level in their game.

If you son is serious about pitching and you are looking for an excellent pitching instructor, I highly recommend Kevin. In Micky’s case, Kevin’s instruction and guidance helped him immensely during this past year and I am sure that the training he will receive this winter will help him to reach even more goals in 2019.”

                                           — Wendy Asher (Micky, Washington State Commit)

“The thing that I really like about working with Coach Gunderson is that he has never forced anything on me. Never told me how to pitch or what specifically to do. But rather gives me ideas and options on what can help me become a better pitcher. ”

                                                                   — Cole Stringer - University of Oregon


“Since our son starting working with Kevin, we have seen him gain confidence on and off the field, gain a better understanding the how and why’s of pitching. Kevin puts his heart and soul into coaching and you won’t find anyone better.”

                                                       — Amy Wiese (Sean, George Fox Commit)

“Living in the Eugene/Springfield area we have struggled to find a pitching coach for years. After many recommendations by college coaches and travel ball coaches we decided to make the commute to Portland so that my son Decker could work with Kevin at Gunderson Pitching Academy. Through video analysis Kevin was able to pin point the areas in the lower half of Decker’s body that was causing him to lose power in his pitching motion. Kevin never tried to change the way my son pitched but rather worked on perfecting his natural throwing motion. In four short months we have seen tremendous changes in Decker’s velocity, accuracy and mental attitude. Kevin doesn’t just tell the kids to work on certain drills; he physically shows them how to do them and explains the benefit of each one. You can see the love Kevin has for pitching and it is reflected in his teaching. If you are a beginning pitcher or if you are a college pitcher I would highly recommend Gunderson Pitching Academy!”

                                                              — Kelly Stedman (Decker, College Prospect)


“Gundy has helped my son immensely over the last 3 years. He brings a great mix of discipline and humor to his coaching style. He is an amazing role model who inspires players to have a good work ethic with self-confidence as well as humility. Gundy possesses the ability and willingness to demonstrate pitching skills for every level of player. Kevin’s teaching ability has taken my son from an average pitcher to a level which will allow him to play at the collegiate level.

His ability to show athletes how to perform skills at an extremely high level is the best I have seen. I have found this particularly helpful for my son.

Kevin’s experience as a star collegiate player and beyond, has helped my son with the psychology of baseball including strategies and important tips that he hasn’t learned anywhere else as it pertains to pitching ability. Kevin has taught my son the proper mechanics of pitching and that has helped him get recognized by other high school and college coaches as being at a level that exceeds his peers. I would highly recommend Kevin Gunderson to any parent who wants their athlete to gain an upper hand over the competition.”

                                         — Jeremiah Runion (Hunter, Montana State Commit)

“Kevin has been a great influence in the development of my son Jaren. His approach to pitching from a physical and mental approach has helped my Jaren immensely. The last three years Kevin has worked with Jaren were he has gained confidence in his pitching ability. He has learned proper pitching mechanics, arm care, arm strengthening, proper warm-up and in game adjustment techniques. Kevin has a way to teach the whole pitcher within each unique player. Kevin has also helped my older son Nate, Missouri Western division 2 pitcher, by fine tuning his pitches and the mental approach to the game. Kevin is by far the best teacher of pitching in the northwest.””

                        — Kent Hunter (Jaren - Oregon State, Nate - Missouri Western State)


“Kevin has been instrumental in the development, shaping and mentoring our son, Brody. He gives honest, straight forward feed back and coaching. He continues to build on his own education of the game, fundamentals, and mechanics to get the most out of your player. We have been very fortunate to have had him in our lives for the past 8 years. ”

                                                          — Briana Veater (Brody, college prospect)

“Coming to Gundy in High School really got me ready to pitch in college. Now that I am in college, Gundy really gets my body/mind ready to compete at a high level. ”

                                                                        — Nico Tellache- University of Oregon

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