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Trackman Pitch Design Class

Over the course of the two classes, athletes will have their entire pitch arsenal analyzed by Coach Gunderson and the use Trackman. Athletes will have a better understanding of what is actually happening with each pitch they throw and how each pitch is best suited for their pitching arsenal. 


There are only two available spots per class. 


What is Trackman?

Trackman is the undisputed global leader, used by all professional teams in the United States and Japan, plus nearly all professional teams in Korea, Taiwan, and Latin America. As a trusted partner, Trackman provides the largest and most influential digital baseball scouting platform in the world. 


Optically enhanced radar technology provides superior tracking of the entire ball trajectory, crucial for today’s modern pitch design and player development.

You may via online payment or Venmo. Payment must be complete prior to the start of camp.

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