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Advanced Training Options

Contact to set up one of the advanced training options. Once you are schedule for training, you will receive information on waiver and payment. All packages must be paid prior to your training session.

Trackman Package - $600 (must be purchased with a training package)
Pitchers will have the option to purchase an annual technology package that is in addition to their lesson fee. Pitchers that sign up for this package will get 12 sessions using Trackman to analyze and assess their pitching repertoire during the calendar year. These 12 sessions do not carry over into the next year. 


What is Trackman-


Trackman is the undisputed global leader, used by all professional teams in the United States and Japan, plus nearly all professional teams in Korea, Taiwan, and Latin America. As a trusted partner, Trackman provides the largest and most influential digital baseball scouting platform in the world. 


Optically enhanced radar technology provides superior tracking of the entire ball trajectory, crucial for today’s modern pitch design and player development.

Pitch Design - $749 (2 sessions)

At Gunderson Baseball we have some of the best technology the game of the baseball has to offer. Our pitch design package includes the use of Trackman, Rapsodo and the Insight high speed camera to analyze and perfect your pitching arsenal over the course of 2 one on one training sessions. 


Each piece of technology used at Gunderson Baseball has a massive influence on the advancement in pitching across all levels of baseball. The use of this type of technology allows coaches to see what is actually happening at release and while the ball is in flight, essentially, it takes the guess work out of the equation. 


Looking to take your pitching to the next level, get signed up today. 

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